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Invisalign: A Clear Choice in Adult Orthodontics

It is no surprise that children and teens make up the majority of patients in orthodontic treatment. But that doesn’t mean adults can’t straighten their teeth too? Before you dismiss orthodontics as an adult due to the thought of wearing metal braces to your next board meeting, you’ll want to hear about a better alternative.

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Dental Relaxing

Ways We Can Lower Dental Anxiety

Did you know that an estimated 60% of people worldwide suffer from dental fear? If you have anxiety about scheduling your dental visits, you are certainly not alone. However, if dental fear or dental anxiety is keeping you from getting the professional care your smile deserves, you need to know the help that is available.

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When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Modern dentistry offers several ways to repair and save teeth that are diseased or damaged. However, not all teeth can be saved. There are situations that make tooth removal a necessary procedure. If your dentist has recommended an extraction, you can trust that it is for the greater good of your overall oral health. When

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Can Straighter Teeth Mean a Healthier Smile?

We often think of straight teeth as a sign of attraction and beauty. While this is certainly the case, there are also several oral health benefits when the teeth are aligned properly. If you are an adult who is shying away from orthodontic treatment because you think it’s purely a cosmetic investment, you’ll be happy

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What Makes Dental Implants a Gold Standard Solution?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, you’ve got options. Restorative dentistry can include dentures, partials, bridges, crowns and dental implants. Dental implants, however, are widely regarded as the gold standard choice. What makes implant dentistry so superior compared to other prosthetic teeth options? At The Smile Lounge, we love helping patients understand the valued

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Is Your Medication Affecting Your Oral Health?

There’s good reason why your dentist may ask you to reveal your current medication list. Not only does your dentist need to have an accurate picture of your overall health, but many medications can have side effects that impact your teeth and gums. Here are some top oral health concerns that may be caused by

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It’s Time to Celebrate!

We can hardly believe it – it’s been on full year since The Smile Lounge began passionately treating patients of the Grand Prairie and Fort Worth communities. This is a milestone worth celebrating with the ones that have supported our growing dental family. On Saturday September 4th, The Smile Lounge is hosting a First Year

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Enhance Your Smile’s Natural Whiteness

All babies have white teeth erupt inside their mouths par any debilitating factor that occurred while they were in the womb. The teeth are naturally white. It is only over time that they begin to dull and discolor. Because the teeth are naturally white, it goes to reason that there are outside factors that contribute

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What Soft Drinks Do To Your Smile

Soft drinks have been around for about 100 years. They taste good, they provide a refreshing way to quench your thirst, and they pair really well with pizza, hamburgers, and popcorn. However, as delicious as they taste, they can be linked to numerous health problems such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Did

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