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Vaping, Smoking, & Your Oral Health

For the past three decades, we have all heard the dangers that tobacco poses to our health. Lung cancer rates soared when tobacco use was at its highest, and rates dropped drastically when doctors began warning people of the dangers of tobacco. While all of the medically-based knowledge is proven, there are still millions of people who choose to smoke. Those people are literally choosing an unhealthy option and taking the risk. However, another product is now on the rise that poses threats to the younger generation’s health: vaping.

Vaping is the process of inhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette or vaporizer (commonly known as a vape pen). Vape pens are becoming increasingly popular among teens and young adults, and they are promoted as a “safe alternative” to smoking. The adverse consequences that vaping is causing on oral health in young people are anything but “safe.”

Vaporizing liquids contain ingredients such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These two ingredients along are very damaging to the tooth enamel, gum tissues, and saliva production. Not only do damaged teeth and gums ruin a person’s smile, but it is crucial for you to understand that the health of the mouth is a direct correlation to the health of the entire body. Diabetes, heart disease, miscarriage, and low-birth-weight babies have all been linked to poor oral health. Making wise decisions regarding the health of the mouth is vital for a healthy life.

The most unfortunate aspect of vaping is how specifically it is targeted toward young people. Vaping companies have started adding flavoring products to the vaping liquids to entice young people to pick up the bad habit. Over 80% of youth who use vaping devices credit the appealing taste as the primary reason for use.

Parents need to be aware that vaping liquids contain nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive and dangerous drug. One electronic cartridge of vaping liquid contains the same amount of nicotine as up to three packs of cigarettes.

Dentists across the United States are trying to bring awareness of the dangers of vaping to light. At The Smile Lounge, we want to discourage everyone from starting this bad habit. You only get one smile, don’t ruin it.

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