Clear Aligners

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What are Clear Aligners?

Crooked or gapped teeth can affect your smile’s appearance and your oral health. Straightening your teeth can give you a more attractive smile while boosting your health and confidence. Clear aligners are an alternative to braces, offering a discreet and comfortable option to straighten your teeth. The clear plastic aligners are customized to your mouth and fit right over your upper and lower teeth. Both teens and adults can use removeable clear aligners to shift and align their teeth to achieve a gorgeous, healthy smile.

Why Would Clear Aligners Be Needed?

Misaligned teeth are not just a cosmetic issue. Orthodontic problems, like a misaligned bite or crowded/crooked teeth, can impact your oral and overall health. Misaligned teeth may be more difficult to keep clean, resulting in more tooth decay and possible gum disease. Misaligned bites can impact the jaw and may contribute to issues like TMJ, snoring or sleep apnea. Clear aligners can be a non-intrusive orthodontic treatment that can give you a straight, healthy smile without wearing metal wires or brackets.

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Who Is a Candidate for Clear Aligners?

Anyone who has misaligned teeth may be a good candidate for clear aligners. Most malocclusions can be treated just as well with clear aligners as braces. Unlike braces, clear aligners can be removed to eat and perform daily oral hygiene. Plus, they are almost invisible, so no one needs to know you are wearing them. Teens and adults that want to eat the foods they love and have a discreet orthodontic treatment option are good candidates for clear aligners.

What Happens During the Clear Aligners Process?

To see if clear aligners are right for you or your child, schedule a consultation at The Smile Lounge with Dr. Daniels. Our dental team can access your teeth and determine whether clear aligners are right for you. If you receive clear aligner treatment, we will take impressions of your teeth and create an orthodontic treatment plan. We will have clear aligners made that are customized for your teeth. You will wear them at least 22 hours a day, only removing them to eat, brush and floss. Every few weeks, you will receive a new set of aligners that will shift your teeth closer and closer to the desire positions. Treatment can take several months up to two years, depending on the patient. Want to learn more about clear aligners and whether they are right for you? Contact us at The Smile Lounge to schedule an orthodontic consultation at our clinic in Grand Prairie, TX.
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