Chipped/Cracked Tooth Repair

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Chipped Tooth Repair

Do you have a chipped, cracked or broken tooth? Damaged teeth are prone to decay and infection, which can result in the loss of the tooth. If you have a damaged tooth, get it repaired quickly by our dental experts at The Smile Lounge. We offer a comfortable and relaxing environment for broken and chipped tooth repair at our dental practice in Grand Prairie.

Chipped teeth are a common problem. Although tooth enamel is one of the hardest substances in the body, it can still be damaged from impact or pressure. Once the enamel or tooth is chipped, it is easier for bacteria to cause tooth decay that can lead to an infected tooth that requires extraction or a root canal. Chipped tooth repair can usually be performed in a single office visit using a dental filling or bonding procedure. We offer tooth-colored fillings and bonding to improve the appearance of your tooth once the chip is repaired while protecting the tooth from further decay or damage.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

Pressure or impact can cause deep cracks or a broken tooth. Biting down on a hard item can crack a tooth or break off a portion. Auto accidents, falls and sports injuries can also break or crack a tooth. If you have a damaged tooth, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Cracks that extend below the gumline can cause permanent damage to the tooth, and it may need to be removed.
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Broken or cracked teeth can be repaired a few different ways. Smaller chips or cracks may be treated with a dental filling or bonding to strengthen the tooth and prevent bacteria from entering the inner tooth material. Larger cracks or broken teeth may require more extensive restorations, including inlays, onlays or dental crowns. If you need cracked, broken or chipped tooth repair, contact us at The Smile Lounge. We offer emergency dental appointments and private dental suites for your tooth repair treatment. Contact our office in Grand Prairie to schedule your appointment.